Editorial Services

We contract from our large database of highly educated editorial and indexing staff with numerous years of experience in various disciplines. Our editors provide both onscreen and hard-copy editing. The copyeditors, proofreaders and indexers at BookComp are assigned based on a stringent project review performed by our production editors. The client’s specific instructions, style standards and the projects specific discipline are strictly adhered to. Many of our editorial staff are multi-lingual and all are based in the United States. We contract from a large database of highly educated editorial, proofreading and indexing staff with numerous years of experience in various disciplines. All our staff are able to provide their work on-screen or on hardcopy.

Design Services

Our designers are capable of creating both cover and interior designs. From conceptual to final design they create one to multi-color cover and text designs that will surely get approval and win awards.

Typesetting Services

Typesetting was our main service component for nearly 15 years. We operate both an off-shore unit and also an on-site typesetting department that handles more complex projects. Our in-house department is comprised of individuals with a combined 100+ years of composition experience. Both departments are meticulously trained to work in a managed environment adhering to the highest quality standards and on-time delivery. We compose books and journals using InDesign and TeX. Composition work is completed through a traditional workflow or an XML-first automated workflow depending on a specific publishers needs.

Art and Illustrations

Services include:

Art rendering for line art, charts, and graphs.
Map creation
High-res scanning
Image retouching and manipulation
Digital proofing

XML Solutions

XML has or will become a need for all publishers. Most production processes in current times will follow the XML-first workflow. BookComp, together with the client, determines if this workflow is feasible based on level of commitment, standardization of processes and end-use requirements. A custom-written DTD and workflow, depending on the type and complexity of most projects, can be created specifically to the publishers needs. This defined workflow can be very efficient if planned and developed correctly. There are many public domain DTD’s that can also be utilized in the workflow to ease the level of commitment for the publisher. Personal consultations are encouraged to map out the process and assess the feasibility and timeliness of implementation.


BookComp, Inc. has the capability to prepare content for popular e-book devices including, but not limited to: Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and iPhone, SONY, eReader, etc. We can create e-Pub files from current or legacy material and also assist the client in developing a workflow for the e-Pub publishing process.

Project Management

BookComp, Inc. provides professional and comprehensive project management services to many small and large publishers across the nation. We manage all phases of the production process from manuscript inception to print and electronic publishing following a professionally prepared production plan. A managing editor begins by thoroughly reviewing the specifics of the project, defining editorial quality level, planning the composition workflow with a production manager and creating a rigid schedule according to the projects specific needs. We ensure quality control and ongoing author, editor and client liaison during the entire production process and provide status updates through web portal for the client on a daily or weekly basis. This assures supplier-to-client assurance with constant quality and schedule monitoring. When commissioned as a packager, we ensure as much hands-off for the client as desired with valuable monitoring tools available for client confidence and quality control .