A little bit about BookComp, Inc.

BookComp, Inc. was originally founded as a book compositor in 1989 by its current president, Jon Dertien. After our first 18 months in the marketplace, we experienced rapid growth due to our reputation of superior quality and honest, competitive pricing.

Into the early and mid 90’s, we continued to compete heavily as we solicited markets all across the United States. The result was continuous rapid growth which forced us to expand employee numbers to meet demand. Fortunately, our geographic location provided us employee recruits from a highly concentrated area of skilled and experienced individuals from a number of well-known publishing houses and universities programs alike.

By the late 90’s, BookComp, Inc. expanded its service capabilities with the merger and acquisition of Nighthawk Design to include a full-service offering of interior and cover design, editorial services and project management.

Continuing into the 21st century under the business model of book packager, BookComp, Inc. continued to be a force in the publishing services industry as a result of our strong reputation and the continued employment of an onsite, highly skilled, well-educated and dedicated staff in all areas of service. During this time, we also began to prove our ability to compete globally by providing aggressive pricing to our customers while still providing superior quality and all services stateside.

By late 2008, we felt the impact from overseas suppliers while competing in certain publishing markets. Witnessing this impact, I developed a team and began to research these global offerings, their quality, logistical feasibility, communication barriers, etc. The results proved mixed but positive in some areas. This, in turn, resulted in a partially new direction for BookComp, Inc.

To the present, we’re engaged in an overseas partnership that provides a percentage of our front-end xml composition but we continue to provide all design, editing, proofreading, indexing and management services from our Michigan location and throughout the United States. It’s important for our clients to understand that in addition to all our editorial services, we also provide composition services from our Michigan location however, for some composition applications it’s more productive to produce pages overseas and monitor very closely the quality of the pages from our Michigan location.

As the owner of BookComp, Inc., it is my goal to have personal contact with all our clients assuring them of our commitment to provide them the highest quality of work in the industry at a competitive rate. It is important to me that each of our clients realize how greatly they are appreciated and in return will have my commitment to provide the best service and product they’ve come to expect from BookComp, Inc. for the past 24 years.