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From raw manuscript to editorial correct designed pages, or anywhere along the way, we can make your project a success.

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Welcome to BookComp, Inc.

BookComp, Inc. is a privately owned company located in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area providing publishing service solutions for publishers of trade, professional and scholarly, scientific and university presses on a global scale.

With over 24 years of publishing service experience, we value our excellence in customer service emphasizing accuracy in the creation of perfect text utilizing our staff’s extensive knowledge, experience, and the latest technologies all of which ensure efficient, cost-effective, qualitative service to every project and client we serve.

Complete Editorial and Production Services

We offer a wide range of editorial and production services to our clients including: manuscript analysis, writing, editing, proofreading, indexing, project management, interior and cover design, and composition services with xml-first or post workflow solutions and ePub file creation.

Highly Skilled Staff

BookComp’s experienced and highly skilled staff stands by to address each of our client’s needs, from standards, schedules and budgetary requirements to the final delivery of files for print and other forms of publishing. Each individual on our staff is trained for precise detail and accuracy while also being able to work quickly and efficiently in all aspects of the process of book and journal production.

Environment Friendly Publishing

BookComp, Inc. is committed to protecting our environment by performing all its service components in electronic form including limiting the output of paper products. BookComp, Inc. carries this initiative through its outside vendors as required criteria when commissioned to provide products or services.